For a Berkeley We Can Believe In

Nanci Armstrong Temple is committed to two things:  Berkeley and Justice.

A word from Nanci about the election results

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
The final tally has come in, and Cheryl Davila is our new District 2 representative. I congratulate Cheryl, and believe that she will truly represent our district. And I am grateful to my family, friends, and neighbors who supported me with their time, their money, and their feet.

It was a very close race in West Berkeley, with only 750 votes separating the three candidates. Last Friday, after the ranked choice voting results settled, official tallies showed that I lost to Cheryl by less than 2% (fewer than 100 votes). Her ability to defeat Darryl Moore is primarily due to the instant run-off process, and we ran a diligent campaign to educate voters about instant run-off and ranked choice.

We are proud to have been an essential part of unseating an incumbent, something that hasn't happened in Berkeley for 20 years. Our grassroots campaign made the impossible happen in spite of over $20,000 spent by the National Realtors Association; over $16,000 by the Berkeley Police Officers Association for advertising, and the more than $30,000 that Darryl raised to spend on his own campaign.

I spoke with Cheryl and her campaign to share with her the concerns you shared with me - that you are worried she would push forward the Boycott-Divest-Sanction agenda and contribute to polarization in our city. She has heard these concerns, and is putting that item to the side while we deal with the pressing issues in our community.

Though we are disappointed that I came so close and don't get to be your council representative, my spirit is unbroken. I am dedicated to my vision of building a Berkeley we can all believe in and invite you to be part of that continued work. The National election has shown more people than ever that it is necessary to be informed, and to get involved, and to act.

As a Sanctuary City, Berkeley has a special obligation to make sure that we monitor the militarization of our police force. We will need to think deeply about what it means to be a neighbor. We need to work harder to make sure our friends and families have work and safe places to call home. We need to hold our corporations accountable to the people and the environment. And we need to be an example to the nation of what it means to stand up to bullies who would beat us down so they can buy our city.

I want you to know that I am dedicated to making life more wonderful for everyone, and will continue to search for and implement concrete solutions to accomplish that goal. We will need more of that kind of practical, revolutionary love in the weeks and months to come. And I will continue to be a voice for all of us in Berkeley and in the world.

An Open Letter to Voters

Dear Neighbors,
This afternoon, we received word that the Alameda County District Attorney dropped all charges against Nanci who came out to support her neighbors on on Friday, November 4.  She was called out in the pre-dawn darkness when the Berkeley Police conducted a “lightning” raid of the homeless encampment at Adeline and Fairview. She was held for several hours at Santa Rita County Jail and suffered injuries because of treatment at the hands of the Berkeley police.

Throughout her campaign, Nanci has made a commitment to stand with her neighbors against the injustice that seems to be focused on low income neighbors and communities of color in our city. The groundswell of support has been amazing!  When neighbors heard of her arrest, offerings of help flooded in. She received several new endorsements and financial contributions to the campaign, continuing the momentum we have seen over the past month. 

To all of the doubters, we want to say this:  “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

First they ignore you.
Though the status quo thought we were insignificant, the grassroots movement that you and I have built has become something they could not ignore. The incumbent and his interests have spent $10 for every dollar that I have raised, yet our support keeps pouring in. Because you know that Nanci is Unbought and Unbossed. 

Then they laugh at you.

When I was asked to run for City Council District 2, some people thought it was foolish. Experienced political organizers tried to tell me about the statistical impossibility of unseating an entrenched incumbent, but every voter we’ve met is ready to do just that. And our endorsements, from former Mayor Gus Newport to Danny Glover to the East Bay Express to the Wellstone Democratic Club to the Alameda County Green Party and more, have shown that we have created a viable campaign that can win this election. 

Then they fight you.

When I left my home on Friday morning to support our neighbors, I was thinking of you. Because until the City demonstrates care and concern for the most marginalized in the community, the well-being of EVERY resident in Berkeley is at risk. And I am tired of seeing my neighbors pushed out of Berkeley because of fear, stress, and loss of housing. 

Then you win.

We can do this. We will do this. We HAVE done this. With your support, we have stood up to the special interests that believe they have bought an election. This City belongs to the people, and we have reminded every single person running for office of this truth. 

Thank you all for your support. I can’t wait until tomorrow. To make it count, make sure you get out and vote for Nanci Armstrong-Temple for District 2 City Council. Together, we will build a Berkeley that we can believe in.

Jesse Arreguin (Candidate for Berkeley Mayor), Danny Glover, Nanci Armstrong-Temple (Candidate for District 2 Berkeley City Council)

Jesse Arreguin (Candidate for Berkeley Mayor), Danny Glover, Nanci Armstrong-Temple (Candidate for District 2 Berkeley City Council)

Danny Glover endorses Nanci!

Nanci Armstrong-Temple is a fearless champion for justice. She is focused on police accountability and is working to secure resources towards the transformation of public safety approaches. She is dedicated to making sure that West Berkeley continues to be a center for job creation (over 8,000 in arts and industry alone!) and affordable housing. Ms. Armstrong-Temple’s vision will go a long way toward supporting families in District 2 and bring much needed change to Berkeley City Hall and all of the City of Berkeley.


About Nanci Armstrong-Temple

Nanci lives in West Berkeley with her husband Carl.  Together, they are raising their twin daughters to love Berkeley just as much as they do. You can often find Nanci and her family enjoying the Berkeley Marina or frequenting one of Berkeley's beautiful parks. Nanci understand the unique landscape that makes up our small town, which is both diverse and complex. Nanci believes that every resident of Berkeley has the right to experience a safe and equitable Berkeley, as well as responsive and ethical leadership. This is why Nanci is running for Berkeley City Council Representative for District 2.

As the founding director of Dance Out Loud, a movement-based after school program, Nanci recognizes the importance of youth programming and education that empowers children and youth to be their best selves.  When Nanci is not teaching dance, art, or performance, she can be found taking action against injustice as a well-known civil rights activist in Berkeley and the greater Bay Area. As District 2's City Council Representative, Nanci will continue the fight for affordable housing for native and long-term Berkeley residents, quality public education, and against the militarization of Berkeley's police force.

What People Are Saying About Nanci

As Transqueer Latinx theologian for the Movement, a National Faith Leader with the National LGBTQ Task Force, professor, and community organizer, I support Nanci Armstrong-Temple for her visionary strategy in her campaign to make a difference in District 2 in Berkeley. Her ability to see what is needed in District 2 and apply her vision in ethically pragmatic ways compels me to support her work to not only shift the political discourse in Berkeley but also shape a new generation of politically minded citizens who are advocating for the most vulnerable.
— Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza (@irobyn)
I stand with Nanci in her opinion on the gentrification of Berkeley. My parents have owned their home in District 2 for 55 years. This was one of the first Black middle class neighborhoods in Berkeley and over the past 20 years we have seen a drastic and saddening change in the demographics.
— Heidi Guyton, State of California, Department of Toxic Substances Control
Nanci creatively and respectfully connects with people while holding deep commitment to
her vision for humanity.
— Alice Green, Urban Ore
Nanci is a thoughtful, independent voice, who can speak for the community and will listen to residents. her vote will be independent, and I am confident that she will fight for progressive issues like affordable housing, accountable government, police accountability,
— Linda Franklin
Nanci Armstrong-Temple is the hope for real human rights changes. She is the most caring person I know.
— Susan Mansion