A Vision for Economic Vitality

Nanci Armstrong-Temple is in full support of increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2018. This is not only improves quality of life for individuals and families, it helps enhance community vitality as residents with stable, life-sustaining income are better able to support local service providers and businesses.  Historically, Berkeley has been at the forefront of the movement for economic justice and this effort to move towards a living wage for Berkeley residents is not only foundational to that movement, it is at the heart of Nanci’s vision for a Berkeley we can believe in. 

Nanci strongly supports small businesses and entrepreneurial efforts.  She has coached many independent contractors and small business owners to economic success.  She is committed to helping small businesses thrive through innovative business consultant programs, micro loan collaborations, and incentivizing living wage, health care programs, and worker-owned cooperatives. Nanci will have an open door policy in order to provide support for business owners and help them thrive as they integrate minimum wage increases.

Accessibility to Berkeley’s commercial districts for small businesses (service providers, light industry, etc.) is key to our community’s health. Nanci will work to ensure that any development in those commercial district reflects Berkeley’s commitment to its residents and their businesses, while at the same time respecting the tradition of West Berkeley as a hub for creativity and industry.