Housing as a Human Right

Nanci believes housing is a human right and advocates a compassionate and humane societal and governmental response to prevent people from losing their housing.  Nanci believes government process with respect to those who have already lost their home should be in comprehensive and service-based.  Nanci’s position on the state’s criminalization of the poor and homeless is that such criminalization must end now. 

Nanci advocates Community-First Development without Displacement.  This position places the housing needs of Berkeley residents ahead of the needs of developers who who place their profit margin ahead of Berkeley's residents needs.  Nanci encourages healthy and insightful development that provides affordable housing to Berkeley residents.  Nanci strongly opposes the Berkeley City’s “rubber stamp” development practices that have thus far threatened to and have forced out Berkeley’s residents who have made Berkeley such a wonderful place to live and who have a right to stay in the city they call home.  Nanci strongly supports the Affordable Housing Platform developed by the Berkeley Progressive Alliance, and believes the Housing Trust Fund to pay for more affordable housing in Berkeley must be fortified and revitalized by the City of Berkeley.  This is accomplished by increasing Developer Impact Fees, Housing Impact fees, allocating Property Transfer tax funds, and increasing Business License Taxes on large landlords.  With an increase in Housing Trust Fund funds, so should come more affordable housing ventures.

Nanci believes in stronger rent control protections.  To effect these protections, Nanci believes that the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act should be overturned.  Costa-Hawkins, a poorly drafted law that blocks Berkeley from effectively reforming its rent control policies, exempts a large number of Berkeley properties from rent control regulations.  This law has severely hampered the ability of Berkeley tenants to remain in the city as market forces create unhealthy demand for high price rentals.    

Nanci is a strong supporter of the Rent Stabilization Board in Berkeley whose mission is to  protect tenants from predatory landlords and greedy developers.  Nanci stands with the CALI pro-tenant slate for The Rent Stabilization Board - a slate that can be trusted to advocate for the tenants of Berkeley and to protect the right of many current tenants to continue to call Berkeley their home.  Nanci is united with the Berkeley Tenants Union in the effort to empower and educate tenants to advocate on their own behalf to preserve their right to stable, quality housing. 

Nanci believes that short term rentals, including those from short term rental services, must be regulated and taxed to prevent landlords and renters from turning Berkeley neighborhoods and communities into vacation rentals rather than communities with long term residents.  Since 2003, while limits have been placed on short term rentals in Berkeley, the limits are not being enforced. Without a commitment from the City of Berkeley to accountability and enforcement, landlords and renters in Berkeley will continue to exploit the market damaging the social fabric of the city.