Unbought. Unbossed. And Every Dollar Counts.

State Senate Candidate Sandré Swanson, Nanci and Lucky the Puppy

State Senate Candidate Sandré Swanson, Nanci and Lucky the Puppy

Before I was asked to run for Berkeley City Council, I had never read a campaign finance report.

Since April, I've read hundreds.

And I've learned that the incumbent for my district has been supported by a host of large real estate developers who couldn't care less about housing people as long as they make a profit.

He's spent almost $25,000 of his own money so far. Others have spent another nearly $20,000 to send mailers and purchase advertising on his behalf.

But here's the thing: West Berkeley doesn't want him anymore.

We appreciate his work on creating legacy. But we don't appreciate having our city sold to the highest bidder.

I have been endorsed by Alameda County Green Party, the East Bay Express, Danny Glover, former Berkeley Mayor Gus Newport, former Alameda County School Superintendent Sheila Jordan, the West Berkeley Arts and Industry Council, the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, The Daily Cal, The Berkeley Daily Planet, The Cal Berkeley Democrats, Berkeley for Bernie, and a host of others, because they know that I can win.

And you know I will always be Unbought and Unbossed.

You can help me win.

Every $1 you donate to our campaign is worth $10 in large part because of our strong grassroots effort. Our campaign is funded by people like you who believe in this work and in our city, not by folks who want to buy an election.

Please consider donating up to the maximum of $250, or if you have already maxed out, please forward this to your friends.

Towards a Berkeley We Can Believe in,