Commitment to Justice for Everyone

Throughout her campaign, Nanci has made a commitment to her neighbors to stand with them against the injustice that permeates low income communities and communities of color in Berkeley. She has stood against injustice that has been fostered by those who have learned to use power as a weapon to silence any voice that would speak about the pain of their reality, that denies the inherent dignity of human life, that seeks to erase the existence of the very community members that power is meant to protect.  

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Rally for Human Dignity and Pack the Courthouse for Nanci Armstrong-Temple

We will take a stand against the City of Berkeley's coordinated campaign to criminalize homelessness which has manifested as the criminalization of life itself. The Berkeley Police continue to mercilessly carry out their role as the shock troops of gentrification, selectively enforcing unjust laws against unhoused persons.

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District 2 Candidate Nanci Armstrong-Temple Injured In Early Morning Encampment Raid

This morning before dawn, Berkeley Police raided and began the forced relocation of the homeless encampment at Adeline and Fairview.  Nanci Armstrong-Temple, grassroots organizer and candidate for Berkeley City Council District 2 was injured while being arrested for offering assistance to disabled activist Barbara Brust, who provides support on that corner.

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Unbought. Unbossed. And Every Dollar Counts.

With just a few days before Election Day, we’re excited about what’s happening in our campaign.  Though the the incumbent council member in District 2 has spent almost $25,000 so far to send mailers and buy advertising to push his lackluster campaign along, we know our grassroots support is stronger.

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Who is Nanci Armstrong-Temple

Why are you qualified for the position? As the daughter of community activists who ran a non profit in South Central Los Angeles which was led and directed by those who were most impacted by state violence, I have a unique perspective not found by any other candidate. As a social entrepreneur I understand how to identify and solve community problems, and as a small business owner I also know how difficult it is to make ends meet. And as an activist who has a history in helping to direct social movements that hold officials accountable, I will always serve the people.

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Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club Endorses Nanci and the Progressive Slate

At their Annual Endorsement Meeting on Saturday, August 27, 2016, the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club gave their endorsement to Nanci Armstrong-Temple for District 2 Berkeley City Council.  This is an important endorsement from a progressive organization that seeks to build a grassroots movement for progressive change by transforming the Democratic Party so that it becomes a vehicle for mobilization of progressive values and political power.

The format for the endorsement process included a candidate forum, during which Nanci and her rivals for the District 2 seat, Darryl Moore (incumbent) and Cheryl Davila, were asked a series of questions.  Nanci cast a clear vision for justice for Berkeley residents and ethical leadership in city government in three areas:

  1. Housing:  Nanci laid out three important proposals to help deal with the crisis of increasing numbers of unhoused people
    • Declaration of a housing emergency
    • Put a moratorium on Rent Hike Evictions
    • Below Market Rate Housing
  2. Police Reform:  Nanci shared her vision for police in the city of Berkeley.
    • Immediately decrease the police budget by 35%.
    • Create an independent Police Review Board
    • Repeal the Police Bill of Rights that allows killer cops to stay employed
    • Create an independent dispatch system to reduce the number of calls which could be diverted to other community resources such as mental health services or other hotlines.
  3. Zero Net Energy and Zero Waste Goals: Environmental concerns are key to Nanci's platform. She was able to lay out several proposals, including:
    • Continue the collaboration with groups like STOPWASTE.ORG which has already brought a 50% decrease in waste since its inception.
    • Giving more attention toward providing for electric vehicles 
    • Increase local food sources, attending to community gardens and neighborhood food production


Nanci Endorsed by Berkeley Progressive Alliance

Nanci Armstrong-Temple filed her intent to run for the District 2 Berkeley City Council seat last Monday.

Armstrong-Temple was previously endorsed at a meeting of progressive voters that had taken place the Saturday before she announced her candidacy. . . In her response to a questionnaire written by the Berkeley Progressive Alliance, Armstrong-Temple stated that the primary issues she would address as a City Council member would be “affordable housing, gentrification/development for profit, and the militarization of the police.” She is also concerned about UC Berkeley’s use of public spaces for profit.

“There has been a deep disenfranchisement of the people in the city of Berkeley,” Armstrong-Temple said in the questionnaire. “There is a fast­-paced development and profit mindset that has taken over our city and made it more important to our city officials to get rid of things that make it ‘look bad’ rather than spend the time and energy to find real solutions to deep and long-­term problems.”

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Why Berkeley Needs a New Police Review Commission—And Why it’ll Have to Wait Two Years to Get One

(Published in The Berkeley Daily Planet on August 5, 2016 by Andrew Beale.  Beale is a graduate student at the UC Berkeley School of Journalism. He's reported for national and international outlets including the Associated Press, Vice and al-Jazeera from the US, Mexico, Turkey and Palestine.)

On Thursday, July 21, the City of Berkeley’s Administration building was mysteriously under lockdown. Police officers on bicycles and plainclothes security officers ringed the building, refusing entry to Berkeley citizens. A city spokesman posted outside the building (which houses the mayor’s office, the City Council chambers and various other critical city functions) offered no clues, saying only “We’re having some security concerns, but we’re not discussing it broadly.” 

Around two o’clock in the afternoon, the source of the “security concerns” became clear: a small group of protesters was trying to enter the building to speak with City Council members about the council’s failure to reform Berkeley’s Police Review Commission. The activist group included students, an attorney and 2016 City Council candidate Nanci Armstrong-Temple. Despite an invitation from current Councilmember Kriss Worthington to meet with him, even Armstrong-Temple was prevented from entering the building. Hours later, Worthington eventually secured permission for the activists to come inside, but by then they had left, tired of standing on the steps of a city office building in intemperate chilly weather. (Armstrong-Temple and several other protesters penned op-eds for the Daily Planet about the experience.)