Unbought. Unbossed. And Every Dollar Counts.

With just a few days before Election Day, we’re excited about what’s happening in our campaign.  Though the the incumbent council member in District 2 has spent almost $25,000 so far to send mailers and buy advertising to push his lackluster campaign along, we know our grassroots support is stronger.

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Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club Endorses Nanci and the Progressive Slate

At their Annual Endorsement Meeting on Saturday, August 27, 2016, the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club gave their endorsement to Nanci Armstrong-Temple for District 2 Berkeley City Council.  This is an important endorsement from a progressive organization that seeks to build a grassroots movement for progressive change by transforming the Democratic Party so that it becomes a vehicle for mobilization of progressive values and political power.

The format for the endorsement process included a candidate forum, during which Nanci and her rivals for the District 2 seat, Darryl Moore (incumbent) and Cheryl Davila, were asked a series of questions.  Nanci cast a clear vision for justice for Berkeley residents and ethical leadership in city government in three areas:

  1. Housing:  Nanci laid out three important proposals to help deal with the crisis of increasing numbers of unhoused people
    • Declaration of a housing emergency
    • Put a moratorium on Rent Hike Evictions
    • Below Market Rate Housing
  2. Police Reform:  Nanci shared her vision for police in the city of Berkeley.
    • Immediately decrease the police budget by 35%.
    • Create an independent Police Review Board
    • Repeal the Police Bill of Rights that allows killer cops to stay employed
    • Create an independent dispatch system to reduce the number of calls which could be diverted to other community resources such as mental health services or other hotlines.
  3. Zero Net Energy and Zero Waste Goals: Environmental concerns are key to Nanci's platform. She was able to lay out several proposals, including:
    • Continue the collaboration with groups like STOPWASTE.ORG which has already brought a 50% decrease in waste since its inception.
    • Giving more attention toward providing for electric vehicles 
    • Increase local food sources, attending to community gardens and neighborhood food production