A Clear Vision for Justice

Nanci has a deep commitment to justice, rooted in traditions of peacemaking in her own family of origin. As a grassroots organizer she believes that the voice of the people should make the government run. She stands for police accountability, housing as a human right, a livable wage, the right to self-determination, a protected environment, food labeling, fully funded education from preschool through college, and corporate accountability. 

As the Representative to City Council for District 2, she is committed to focusing her energies on:

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Police Accountability

Intrinsic to Nanci's commitment to the Movement for Black Lives is the understanding that without intentional and focused oversight, it will be impossible to hold police accountable. As council member, she will work for a strong, independent civilian review board which will be intentional about investigating police violence and corruption to foster transparency and accountability. We are committed to ending state-sanctioned violence against Black, Brown and Poor people. Read More ->

Housing as a Human Right

As a long-time Berkeley resident, Nanci understands the importance of community and how fundamental housing is to a healthy life.  She is dedicated to preserving existing housing that forms the core of Berkeley's neighborhoods, while working to provide clear guidelines that promote development without displacement that focuses on profit-taking at the expense of the public good.  Nanci will seek to increase funding for affordable housing and will work to create permanent housing solutions for neighbors without shelter. Read More ->

Social and racial justice

At the heart of Nanci's work is her passion for grassroots organizing. She is committed to working with her neighbors to bring justice for all residents of Berkeley. She will fight to reallocate funds designated for the militarization of Berkeley Police, bringing more funding for important community-based programs. Read More ->

Green, Sustainable Berkeley

Nanci's care for a sustainable Berkeley has been informed by the many summers she's spent in Berkeley's parks as a camp leader as well as her lifelong commitment to preserving the legacy of the environment for generations to come. She has made a commitment to preserve the Berkeley waterways and to focus energy on maintaining public parks and recreational facilities and community gardens.

Economic Justice and Community Vitality

A healthy community is one in which everyone thrives.  That's why Nanci will focus her energy on economic justice.  From working toward a livable wage to encouraging locally owned and operated businesses to preserving Berkeley's historic landmark buildings and legacy racial ethnic businesses, Nanci is committed to a vital Berkeley. Read More ->

Accessible Public Education

Nanci understands that students learn better in an educational environment that is focused on the individual student's needs and and abilities. She is committed to collaborating with school board members to provide support for innovative and student-oriented schools.